Improve Air Circulation in Forced Air Heating

In forced air heating systems, it is important to know how and why the flow of fresh air into the house is affected. Basically, the ventilation or forced air system circulates air throughout the house by utilizing fans, ducts, and registers. In essence, the circulation of air helps keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level. If proper circulation is not achieved, you might experience cold pipes, clogged vents, and other forms of deterioration in your forced-air heating system. In addition to these issues, the accumulation of condensation can also result in poor indoor air quality. And if wintertime temperatures dip too low, the result can be dangerous – especially if the temperature outside is freezing.

Ceiling Fan Units

Ceiling fan units
Ceiling fan units

One way which improves air circulation in forced air heating systems is through the installation of ceiling fan units. Ceiling fans with special mesh are designed to better circulate the air. The air is channeled and moved through special channels that direct it to the different zones of the house. Each room’s circulation is better because of the presence of ceiling fans. Furthermore, such fan units do not need duct work and other costly installation processes.

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Ceiling fans are also a great asset for those who are looking to create a healthier environment inside their homes. They work by circulating the air and removing any trapped or contaminated particles from the air. This also promotes a more positive indoor environment, and better circulation of air means fresher air which is always better for your lungs and body.

There are many different types of fan systems which improves air circulation in forced air heating systems. One of the most popular is the ceiling fan with multiple speeds. This kind of system provides three times the circulation of air. Another type is the one that has lights at different levels which flicker and turn on as the fan speeds up and speeds down. Lastly, another popular choice for those who want good circulation of air is the whirlpool type fan that provides circular movement. These are great additions for bathrooms which are notorious for dirty air and poor circulation.

Properly installing and maintaining a forced air heating system is important. In fact, it is imperative. It’s not enough just to purchase a unit and leave it on its own. A malfunctioning system can lead to a dangerous buildup of pressure, which can cause injuries, especially to those who are allergic or have respiratory problems. Make sure that you have a trained professional inspect your home for problems before you install a fan unit. If you suspect any problems with your current system, have the expert check your duct work as well.

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Exhaust Filter

Exhaust filter
Exhaust filter

A good way to improve air quality in your home is to have an exhaust filter. Allergic reactions are heightened when a person comes into contact with allergens such as dust or mold. An exhaust filter will filter these allergens before they enter your home, which can dramatically reduce the amount of airborne pollutants in your home. Additionally, a filter can help eliminate odors from the air by removing particles that have accumulated inside your home.

Air Purifier

Air purifier
Air purifier

Some people may need to use an air purifier. This works by creating a finer mist of air which is easier to breathe. The air is clearer and more soothing to the skin. However, a good air purifier for home use should be certified to filter down to 0.3 microns. Anything less than this is to filter unhealthful air. In addition to using a HEPA filter, an exhaust fan should be positioned in the proper spot for your home to have a proper ventilation system.

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Properly ventilating your home can improve the overall health of those in your home. If you suspect there is inadequate ventilation in your home, ask a heating and cooling professional to help you create a ventilation system that will help improve the quality of the air in your home. A thorough ventilation system will prevent allergies from surfacing and working its way through the system and into your body. Proper indoor air quality is a major factor when it comes to breathing in good quality air.

In summary, we have given you some basic information on how to improve air circulation in forced air heating systems. If you are a DIY enthusiast you may wish to do some more research but the basic principle is very simple. The only thing we would really like to point out, is that if you are not a DIY enthusiast, please don’t even think of attempting this without professional help, what you’re doing could be dangerous to your health.

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